Monday, November 5, 2012

Upcoming Parent's Weekend Show...

We will be having a joint show with Primitive Streak this coming Friday, November 9th at the Cat in the Cream. You don't wanna miss it, and neither do your PARENTS!!! Sunshine Scouts - 8pm, Primitive Streak - 9pm. Be there.


Ecstatic to welcome three new members to the group: SAM PFANDER (2016) EVAN HERTAFELD (2016) WILL BANFIELD (2015)

One Happy Family

After a successful improv season with shows at multiple local venues, participation in the national College Improv Tournament in Indianapolis, and a series of workshops and performances in our annual Oberlin College Improv Tournament, we conclude our year with bellies full of Sunshine Scouts cake. Best of luck to Sam Skove, our graduating senior and beloved co-captain! Hope to see you all next year...

Monday, October 17, 2011


WE GOT THREE MORE! They be- Sophie Meade Taylor Greenthal Carla Yengo-Kahn they are 1st years. they are chill.

Monday, April 4, 2011

OCIC 2011 Schedule!!!

This is the post detailing the schedule of the Oberlin College Improv Conference 2011!! (See earlier post regarding workshop descriptions.)

Bring your whole troupe for $15/person, or if you're local, participate in a workshop at $5 each.

Email us at if you'd like to attend! Checks should be paid to Oberlin College and sent (very, very soon) to:

Lillian Grabill
OCMR: 0959
135 West Lorain Street
Oberlin OH

Schedule of Events

Friday, April 15th

4:00-7:00 pm Check in at Wilder Student Union (135 W. Lorain St). You can register for workshops here.

8:00-11:00 PRO SHOW (where you can also register for workshops):
8:00 PM: Octavarius
9:00 PM: pH Productions
10:00 PM: Rare Bird Show

at the Cat in the Cream (180 West Lorain)

11:00pm - ??? – OCIC Party

Saturday, April 16th

see earlier post for workshop descriptions
11:00am-1:00 pm – Professional Workshops (In King )

2:00pm-4:00pm – Professional Workshops (In King )

4:15pm-6:15pm – Professional Workshops (In King)

8:00pm-12:00am – Improv ‘Til You’re Dead (at The Cat in the Cream)- All participating troupes flaunt their stuff and perform their own set!


Sunday, April 17th

Noon‐1:00: Pizza Picnic and debrief

1:00pm‐3:00pm: Check out and go home

Oberlin College Improv Conference 2011 Details!

This is the post about workshops!! Workshops take place 11am-1pm, 2-4pm, 4:15-6:15pm. You can register for workshops individually at $5 each. You can either register on Friday, April 15th at the professional troupes show (8pm at the Cat in the Cream) or you can mail in a check (pretty soon!!). Checks should be paid to Oberlin College and sent to:

Lillian Grabill
OCMR: 0959
135 West Lorain Street
Oberlin OH

Below you will find workshop descriptions, categorized by the professional troupe leading the class (Rare Bird Show, Octavarius, pH productions). For a schedule of the workshops, please contact

OCIC 2011 Workshop Descriptions

Rare Bird Show

JEKYLL/HYDE (2-part workshop that can be taken individually or together. Recommended for
the performer with at least some improv experience).
JEKYLL-- You love improvisation, but you're not sure you are getting the most out of every scene? What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? What is my director/coach/teacher/best friend not telling me? Alexis Simpson, loving spirit, will offer firm but gentle feedback that is specifically targeted for you and you alone. True strength comes from knowing your weaknessess.

HYDE-- Your improv is awful. Everyone is bored. Stop it; stop it right now. It isn't your fault that all your other teachers and all your other directors are too nice to tell you that your worst fears are true: YOU AREN'T FUNNY. Worse, YOU AREN'T EVEN INTERESTING. Alexis Simpson will fix that. You will come to this workshop on time. You will do bad scenes. Alexis Simpson, total jerk, will bark mean things that are only mean because they are true. You may cry, which you deserve. So come do your crappy improv so that Alexis can fix it. CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Improv Grad School
Sure, you're a rockstar on your college improv team. But what's next? Alexis and Nathan are both working actors in Philadelphia and Los Angeles,and they would like to help you navigate the improv world after you graduate. Topics covered. include starting your own troupe, improv in scripted acting, The Industry, different improv schools, and the how & why of the Harold. Workshop will include both a discussion/Q&A portion and an "on your feet" portion (during which the basic structure of the Harold will be covered).

Improv for the Actor
Make sure your pursuit of the funny continues to support your development as an actor. Honest character work, truthful listening skills, and grounded physical work will take your improv and acting to the next level. That judgmental attitude you have about you and your work? We'll examine that self-created philosophy, abolish it and create a view that works for you as an artist, not against you.

Bodies on a Stage
Most improv scenes start with the mind, not the body. You know, a scene starts and it's two people standing talking at one another. What if we try the reverse? What if we lead with the body? All we really have in improv are bodies on the stage anyway (and maybe a few chairs). We'll see how focusing on and leading with the physical body will produce more creative and original work. We'll then take a look at the group as a whole on stage and discover the limitless potential available when multiple bodies are working together to create the scene. Relax your mind and lead with your body.


Improvising with a Robot
Imagine a scene with the greatest improviser in the world, one who can only listen to
exactly what you say and then respond with a clear emotional choice. Do scenes with
R2-D2, and learn to listen in a whole new wa from a robot.

Unique character work is a hallmark of great improv. Learn a fun new way to create
characters without getting in your heard.

The Business of Comedy
Starting out in comedy is a scary thing. You’re all alone. You need a venue. You don’t
have an audience. Talk about how to set up a group. How to find an audience. And
what you’ll need to sacrifice if you want to work with your friends.

Attacking Short Form with a Long Form Mind
Learning and playing by the rules of the game is the first step to successful short form.
But how do you stay away from common tricks and gimmicky scenes? Find the game
within the game and use good scenework to transcend the typical stigma of a short form

Improvised Singing
Talking without a script is scary enough, but singing? Without lyrics? Without a score?
Learn how to start a song, own a song, and finish a song with confidence.

Trust: the Foundation of Ensemble Work
Risk is what separates the best improv from the rest of improv. To take the kind of risks that will drive your show to the next level you need to trust your fellow improvisers with your life. Learn games, skills, and concepts you can bring to your own group to build that kind of trust.

Games in Real Life
Always being ready to play, to go on an adventure, to find something new, even when
you’re not on stage is not only a fun way to live, but a great way to improve your work. Learn how to find games, and translate them on to the stage.

Bringing Yourself to Your Work
You already know your strengths, your weaknesses, you fears. Find new ways to bring
those to the stage in a way that add to your ensemble, adds to the show, and captivates
the audience.

The Importance of Touch
Touch helps create relationships, stage pictures, and great scenes. Learn how to use
touch in your work to get out of your head, and get into stellar scenes.

Hosting a Show
Set yourself up for success. What you do before, between, and after your show helps

prepare the audience to have fun. It can also totally alienate them. Learn how to set
up a show quickly, clearly, and send the audience into the show with anticipation and

pH Productions

For every company that is looking to use the skills of improv to sharpen and
expand the abilities of their staff. This is a Level 1 look at the group mind experience of improv. Groups will learn to say yes first and support each other to the fullest.

This is a performer’s workshop. Anyone that has been on stage, whether it be in improv or not, can benefit from this workshop. This gives performers they need to be in touch with their characters from go, knowing who they are from name to the tiniest idiosyncrasies.

Group Work
In improv, the sum is greater than the parts. The ensemble drives the art, not the individual. This workshop celebrates the group aspect of our theater form. Learn how to open yourself up to group work, through exercises and games designed to heighten your ensemble awareness and lower your judgement. Group mind exists! Seek it out!

Women on Top
Explore this unique and creative show that allows women improvisers to shine! Audience participation, personal monologues, group work and scene work are just some of the devices incorporated in Women on Top. The workshop will focus on strengthening those skills and putting the show on it's feet. Let us share one of pH's most successful forms with you!

Never again feel that you are running out of steam or afraid to edit a scene do to lack of material. Here we will teach you to keep the funny of long form rolling at the pace of short form. Your confidence is sure to reach new heights!

Avital Isaacs

Silence and Improv
You talk too much, and so do I. In this workshop, we will learn how less can be more with improv dialogue.When we're all done, you'll be able to build scenes, support your partners, and add information without all that unnecessary chit-chat.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Announcing the 11th annual Oberlin College Improv Conference! The Oberlin College Improv Conference (OCIC) is an annual, student-organized event tha

The Oberlin College Improv Conference (OCIC) is an annual, student-organized event that offers a dynamic setting for students of improvization to meet and improvise with those from colleges throughout the region. The weekend features workshops taught by an impressive, ever-changing group of professional
improvisers and invites all troupes to perform.

This year, we are welcoming:

Rare Bird Show
pH Productions

When: April 15-17

Price: affordable student prices TBA
**housing provided, but plan to bring a pillow and a sleeping bag!!

Stay tuned for registration in January! We hope you will join us for OCIC 2011!

Questions? Contact Lily at

Thursday, September 23, 2010

We got two more!


brian gale


beth randles!

They were selected out of a huge pool of wonderful funnies, and we're so happy to have em on board. Rehearsals started next week and we're already looking forward to our first show, right before Fall Break in October!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Help The Sunshine Scouts get to Hollywood!

Hi guys,

The Sunshine Scouts are participating in a web video competition for a site called Showbizzle, created by Charles Rosin, a producer of the original Beverly Hills 90210. We were instructed to create a video on the topic of "Tinseltown comes to your town". Well, here it is!

Please go to the website and vote for us as your favorite video submission. The winner will be flown to LA to talk with producers about creating original content. Please lend your support! You will have to create an account on the site to vote, but that only takes a minute. We really appreciate it!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Scouts photos

Ma'ayan Plaut has done it again!

Photos from our February 21 show!